Are drugs you buy online safer? We surfs the darknet market list

An overdose here, a bad trip there. That comes from buying drugs full of junk from an ordinary street dealer. More and more users are buying through the darknet, mainly because the thousands of product reviews insure their purer drugs than on the street. But are online drugs really safer? And above all: will this make young people sniff even more?

Are drugs you buy online safer? We surfs the darknet market list

While watching cat movies at work, you’re unknowingly surfing the tip of the iceberg. Most of the internet – an estimated 90 percent – is hidden. The deep web consists of sites that cannot be found with a regular search engine or browser. And that hidden internet is not a place for idiots. Since surfing is much more anonymous, the crumb of international criminals has gathered there. Jihadi forums, paedophile networks, even places where people are trafficked: you can’t think of it as horrific, or it exists on the darknet.

To find darknet sites need a lot of sweat and they are literally hidden from our eyes to find these markets for this there are types of sites called their darknet market list.

Drugs are also for sale. What’s more, ordering a package of heroin is a piece of cake. After half an hour of searching and clicking, we already end up on one of the specialized darknet marketplaces.  Something for everyone: Belgian passports for 2,600 euros, butterfly knives or firearms, but especially drugs, from cannabis to heroin, neatly filtered by weight or by country from which they are delivered.

According to a UN report, the number of darknet markets and drug shopers on the darknet doubled between 2014 and 2018. One look at such a forbidden marketplace already reveals why it is so popular: the reviews.

The user comments are typical of such marketplaces. Anyone who buys something is asked, as with ‘normal’ webshops, to give a rating after receiving or using the product. Think of it as TripAdvisor: the customer is king. The sellers must provide a correct service and deliver good products, or their overall rating will get a dent. That is detrimental to their reputation, and as with ordinary e-commerce, reputation is the key to sales.

The buyers can not yet give a rating of 1 to 5 drug syringes – the sites choose the classic asterisks – but take their review seriously. ‘Good stealth’ is a review that returns often. That refers to how well the drugs are hidden. The senders are creative: they send drugs in hollowed-out books or in children’s toys. “A friend of mine once even got coke in a cake,” a buyer tells us. Payment is done via bitcoin, you have your package within five working days.

The buyers not only know through the review democracy that their package may arrive, they also know that they are getting value for money.

We can assume that the quality of the drugs sold on such sites is quite good. Surveys show that perceived product quality is one of the main reasons why users buy via the darknet.

Where you can count on the reviews about the seller on the darknet, you have to trust your dealer on the street. Now we will show you some examples and present to your attention not a big darknet market list in this list you can find sites that sell illegal goods.

DarkNode Reborn – http://bc3vu6uut2qyfv56tq2d6kgll63ov5yqt2nml6ltyhewcew4cpxiwyqd.onion

Dark Dragon Market: http://ub3yk6n7v5df7k2p7n4z3jyibcb6u6mtdy77nd3kg4gq2t6x6rdrunqd.onion/

Are drugs you buy online safer? We surfs the darknet market list

Dark Stock Market – http://stock5y3ry2qdx6f4nzn4uogfopfvqfrorbeo44dnxl76mluuga36tyd.onion/

Are drugs you buy online safer? We surfs the darknet market list

DarkBay – http://rjxssyb5fe4zymzqsnz4cyyhjyrhix67tmspyh5bqok5dai6l7aw4eqd.onion/

Are drugs you buy online safer? We surfs the darknet market list

DrugsShopper – http://ns73oxc72aaqtpawqwbwa3d23hfjl727fgto44ake3gp4fqd5efc6wad.onion/

Are drugs you buy online safer? We surfs the darknet market list

Overdoses are lurking around the corner, not to mention the health risks posed by impure cocaine or seedy designer drugs. Is the solution on the darknet? At least according to the users, who indicate in surveys that they continue to visit the online darknet market because the products are more predictable and ‘qualitative’: they do what they have to do. In that respect, some ‘five-star dealers’ indicate in great detail the chemical composition of their drugs. But user satisfaction is a weak indicator of the quality of drugs. The best way to test them is to put the darknet drugs under the microscope, and see if there is no mess in them. And that hasn’t happened much. Research cautiously shows that drugs on the darknet are purer than the offline traded variant, but there is also fraud. According to Blanckaert, the quality of drugs purchased offline and online in our country is similar, also because the purity of Belgian drugs is usually high. The chance that there is junk in the ecstasy or cocaine of your street dealer in Belgium or the Netherlands is on the small side.

Crucially, there is a difference between the purity of drugs – whether there is no clutter in your pills – and the doses of the active substance. The foam-mouthed revelers who are taken to the emergency room in Belgium often had no poison in their pill, but got an overdose. Research shows that the indicated dosage of an ecstasy pill on the darknet often corresponds to the effective dose in the tablet. In other words: if you buy ten pills with 200 milligrams of MDMA on the darknet, you will also buy them. And that knowledge can save you a dangerous trip to the hospital.



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