Darknet and carding forum: what is it and how to enter, dangers and links 2022

Deep Web and Dark Web without secrets to browse them safely. Websites, TV, newspapers and primarily videos on YouTube often talk about the Deep Web. But what is actually this deep web and how to get in?

Before diving into the deep ocean of content it is necessary to clarify. The terms “deep web” and “dark web” are often used interchangeably but they are not the same thing.

The most commonly used term – “deep web” means all sites that are not listed by major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

The Tor network is a type of network developed by the Naval Research Laboratory – a naval research laboratory of the United States since the 2000s and used to hide communication between the secret services by peer-to-peer connection that has become over time a means for sharing illegal material and political activism.

When you think of all the rot that you can find on the net, the dark web immediately comes to mind; sites built on darknets: (dark network) overlapping networks that use the public Internet but require special software or configurations to access.

The Web is divided into 6 sections: The common web, surface web, bergie web (last section accessible without particular tools and knowledge), deep web, charter web (where it is easy to find hackers, extremists, pornographers and traffickers) and marianas web (with a lot of content partly unknown).

Other experts divide it (hypothesized) into 8 sections, the six just seen plus two: The Soup Fog / Virus and The Primarch System which as the last level should control the entire network.
Still others say that there are 10 and those who then hypothesize even 17 sections.
•Surface Web
•Deep Web
•Dark Web

Surface Web (also called Clear Web or Clear Net)

This is the part known and accessible by everyone through Google and many other common search engines with which you can access only 3.5 to 4% of all websites, links and data stored on the Internet.

YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, the web page of this article you are reading now, your favorite Porn site etc. They are all part of the surface web.

Deep web

To find a content of interest we type one or more keywords on our favorite search engine, obtaining millions of results, we then click on one of them to reach a website or a content of a page that has intrigued us thanks to the title.
Therefore, all the results or available content that we can find through our searches are nothing more than “indexed” content easily accessible to the public.

The deep web is the largest part of the Internet and consists of “unindexed” content. It is “hidden”, containing information materials and web pages that are not indexed in any of the existing search engines such as Google.

So, if all the search engines known to us could index the whole web, in this case, the deep web would no longer have reason to exist.

This part of the web includes our private data such as email accounts, password-protected pages, content that requires purchase (various subscriptions, music, etc.), bank records, PayPal and so on. Most of the data can be found here. No one can access this part of the web without permission.

To give an example: only you have access to Skype conversation, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc . Just as only you can access your data saved online on Cloud Storage services. When you share a photo of yourself on Facebook with the “publish” option, all people can see it even if they are not part of the friends list. When you change the same photo from your privacy settings to “Just Me or Friends or Friends of Friends” it becomes part of the Deep Web. Even when Facebook (or any other site) asks you for access data they are in the hidden part.

Is it illegal to browse the deep web?

Lol If you don’t visit sites that host illegal content or buy (with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency) something from them. For the rest you are free to browse and visit as many sites and forums as you want.

What is the carding forum and who actually enter here?

In darknet there are several types of sites such as stores, lists of darknet sites, red rooms where they kill people on the audience, carding forums, a lot of all sorts of creepiness.

Carding forum is a place where hackers and carders work in one place some steal data and others make cards with this data. Well then sell them around the world and then someone buys them and uses them for black cases and this is exactly what a carding forum looks like.

It is necessary to protect your privacy and personal data. Do not download anything from the internet and do not run it on your computer even if you dare always use a virtual machine to run a clean windows.

Who is browsing here?

The average user to prevent their data from being collected by web giants such as Google and government bodies. Some journalists use it to communicate anonymously with their sources. In countries where several websites are blocked (such as China) and therefore not reachable through this free means they can circumvent censorship.

What can I find on the darknet?

Not all content here is illegal. There are also interesting and legal contents that can be: Forums dealing with different topics, social networks, various files and information stored by the governments of different countries, NASA scientific investigations, UFO documentation, Hacking etc.