How to enter the darknet in 4 steps and darknet sites list for beginners

Now that we know what a Darknet is, and that we know that Tor (The Onion Router) it is a kind of Dark Web, we will learn to enter it in a few steps. In principle, this article is only a practical guide, darknet sites list and consequently aims to ensure that normal Internet users, or not seasoned, can, in a few minutes, access safely, easily and quickly to the Tor Network, which will allow us to know that dark side of the Internet. To learn more about some of these topics, please read the remaining articles on our blog.

First Step: Install the Tor Browser Bundle program

It is necessary to install special software that allows us to connect to the Tor Network. But such a programme, far from being a problem, has many advantages. It is official, that is, developed by those who designed the Tor Network, it is free, it is light (approximately 27 mb), and most importantly, it has everything that is needed..
Go to the official website www.torproject.org

Once there, click on “Download Tor” as you can see in the imageIt will be directed to another page that offers to download the latest version of “Tor Browser Bundle For Windows”, valid for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. If you do not use Windows, you are instructed to choose the version for Mac or GNU/Linux. Here we will follow the example for Windows. Important: Before clicking on the download button, select from the drop-down menu the language of your convenience.

By clicking on the download button, in seconds it begins, and in a few minutes the program will have downloaded to your computer and will be hosted in the download folder that you have previously chosen. Look for this folder and find the program, which will look similar to the one in the image, double click on it. As the program is “Portable”, and therefore can be run from anywhere, even saved on a pendrive (USB disk) and activated from there, you will be asked in which folder you want to have the program.Then select the same and click to confirm the extraction of the program. Once this is achieved, you will see how a folder similar to the one in the image has been created. Enter this folder and you will see 4 folders like those in the following image, plus the executable to start Tor Browser, called “Start Tor Browser”

Second Step: Run the Tor Browser Bundle Program

Double click on “Start Tor Browser” and the connection to the Tor Network will begin.

A new window has been displayed that says “Vidalia Control Panel”, , whose green feedline tells us that the program is connecting with the Tor Network. Also, if you look at the Windows taskbar, the yellow “onion” icon is now visible at the bottom of the screen and on the right side. When the connection to the Tor Network is complete, the “onion” will turn green. Immediately the “Tor Browser” will begin to load, that is, the browser for the Tor Network that we will use to browse the “Dark Web”.

Step Three: Connect to the Tor Network and Open the Tor Browser

The “Tor browser” is a Firefox development for the Tor project. Let’s look at the following image. The browser window tells us in English (default language):” “Congratulations Your browser is configured to use Tor.” In addition, in the Windows taskbar, at the bottom left, there is now an icon that represents the world with its lands emerged in green, which is the icon of the Tor browser and that when you click on it, opens the complete navigation window. This means that we have connected to the Tor Network successfully and now we only have to maximize the browser, and use it like any other, typing in its navigation bar the addresses of the sites we want to visit.

Step Four: Navigating the “Dark Web”
It should be noted that the IP address shown in the image will not be our real IP address, since as we know, when using the Tor Network we are anonymous. It should also be noted that, browsing from the Tor Network, we can go anywhere we already know from the “normal” Internet, simply by typing or copying its address in the navigation bar.

However, as our interest is to know what is in the “Dark Web”, we need to get the addresses to those sites that, on the other hand, from what has been said in previous articles, are not indexed by traditional search engines, because they operate at the level of the “normal Internet” and not at that of the “DarkNet” or “Darknet”. However, within the “Dark Web”, there are places where it is possible to access a list of all the sites that may be of interest to us, discriminated by category. One of the most complete and darknet sites list is that of FREERED that can be requested by mail to: [email protected]

Important: FREERED only replies to messages sent from an anonymous “Tor Mail” mailbox (which is identified by the expression “@tormail.org”), since in the Dark Web, to ensure security and anonymity, email communications must be between anonymous mailboxes. Take out your own anonymous mailbox, read:

How to take out an anonymous mailbox for the Dark Web

And in this way, once you get darknet sites list, just by typing or copying in the navigation bar of our “Tor Browser” those addresses, we will be really browsing the “Dark Web”. Finally, it should be noted that we must be responsible when we access this type of information, since as we anticipated, in the “Dark Web” there are no limits or rules, and therefore we will find illegal activities, offensive to morals, etc.

Darknet sites list

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