Access to the dark web and how to using carding forum lists

Если у вас не открывается Вы можете скачать все игры казино на свой компьютер, сделав всего один клик.

As said Tor is an acronym for The Onion Router and it is an application that allows you to browse the web in total anonymity. At the base of Tor Browser there is a “particular” version of Mozilla Firefox packaged in such a way as not to release personal information on the Net, while browsing.
A tool that, precisely because of this characteristic, is greatly exploited by organized crime with, again, great “success” as recently confirmed, at Agi, by the major of the central direction for anti-drug services, Giuseppe Grimaldi “The chances of being discovered are reduced. Not surprisingly, a zero-day (software vulnerability of which the developer is not yet aware and that hackers exploit to “attack”) capable of controlling the Tor network, can be paid even a million dollars. Returning to Tor, the software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at this official address where to access just click on Start Tor Browser.

Deep Web and Tor Browser how to use it

It will be Tor Browser, from this moment on, to take care of updating Firefox (avoiding attacks of malicious sites) and to manage the connection to the Tor network and the so-called “Onion Routers”. Once “downloaded” and started the software, in the navigation toolbar, a button / icon will appear unmistakably in the shape of an Onion
After starting Tor Browser, in fact, you will notice the presence of a small button, in the toolbar, depicting the Tor icon (an onion). The onion icon derives from the name and above all from the “onion” operation of the network where the passing data are encrypted on several levels becoming invisible except for those who transmit and receive them. Also for this reason Tor Browser prevents you from using any type of plugin, including Flash. Associating it with Tor Browser would in fact mean giving information about your identity to the remote server visited.

Another practical advice provided by multiple reference sites is not to use Google to carry out searches. The advice is to use StartPage (which is also the search engine that starts automatically once you start Tor browser) or alternatively DuckDuckGo.

Deep Web dangers, Tor Browser, darknet and dark web who uses them and what they look for

Said, for informational purposes only, what it is, how it works and how to access the Deep Web, it is now worth understanding who uses these systems today and what kind of market is connected to such a phenomenon. Help in this regard comes once again from Clusit which has recently developed an interesting analysis of the Tor phenomenon.

“There is no real type of user as the popular Tor network is frequented by different actors and for distinct reasons. A content analysis allows easy verification of the presence of groups of criminals, hacktivists, script kiddies, journalists, dissidents, terrorists and most likely intelligence agencies.

After a quick search of this part of the web it is easy to realize that most of the transactions that are carried out in the main black markets are related to the sale of drugs and services / products for the realization of financial fraud ».

With regard to crimes perpetrated through the IT tool, illegal activities that Interpol has recently grouped into the following categories:cardin
Information attacks against hardware and software systems
Financial crimes
Pedo pornography

Darknets offer all kinds of services and products to facilitate the illegal practices mentioned. “The dark web is a particularly interesting place for malware developer communities and their customers. In the many black markets that reside there, it is very easy to find malicious codes and services useful for the customization and distribution of malware. Darknets are used by malware developers to conceal botnet command and control structures and make them resistant to law enforcement operations. Command & Control servers hidden in networks such as Tor and I2P are difficult to detect, ensuring greater chances of success for botnet operators.

Carding forum lists of darknet

We have already talked in previous articles about carding forums, but how to find them is really a difficult task. It’s no secret that these sites are only available through a tor browser and they are banned sites. Of course you can find a few carding forums in the clearnet, but they are all crooks, they do not sell anything but air.

In order to find these sites need carding forum list. In contrast to the carding forums these sites in most cases are in clearnet. That is, they can be easily found in ordinary search engines. Carding forum list is good that you can find only working sites and some lists ie sites where these lists are published more scam sites.  Yes, scam sites are a great misfortune for people who take a chance to buy something on the darknet. Fraudsters create copies of sites that actually sell on darknet, take their photos of goods, etc. and deceive customers.

You just need to use your brain, read lots of reviews about the site you are dealing with. Also check whether the site is not in the scam list of tor sites, and then look and choose.

Deep Web, Dark Web, a thriving market

Critroni, Cryptowall, Vawtrak and Dyre are just a few examples of malware that has hidden C&C servers in Tor and I2P networks. In the criminal underground it is easy to find kits for the development of malware, in May 2015 the experts of the security company McAfee discovered a platform for creating ransomware called Tox.

To give you an idea of the services and their prices, think that to buy a malware you can spend from a few tens up to a few thousand dollars for a customization service complete with a malicious code.