Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

When we talk about the darknet links 2022 year, we give as a fact the security of the mass, whether chatting, uploading selfies or sending an email, but have you ever thought about how many different computers your information passes through before reaching its final destination?

There are probably hundreds of computers and servers that bridge the gap. Collectively, all the connected computers in the world are called the Internet. Global communication is easy thanks to this interconnected computer network, but privacy is another story. I can tell you a lot about safe surfing on darknet links 2022, but you have to remember that the browser you use to access these links will not give you the security you need to be as naive as you think to be anonymous on the internet. Don’t forget the fact that you are a social creature and if the CIA really wants to catch you they will.

Darknet links how are they different from regular links?

Darknet is a completely different world on the Internet and its secrecy makes people even more interested in this black world.

Darknet links are different from ordinary sites on the Internet, these links can not be opened by regular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. To open the darknet links we need a special tool Tor browser. The whole essence and principle of the browser is shown in the logo – onion. Like the onion, the connection is made up of layers: a chain of proxies. All the information you send or receive goes through 3 randomly chosen nodes in the network. On the client side, each packet is encrypted sequentially for each node before being sent. This makes Tor Browser anonymous. If you use the tor network it will change your location to make you more anonymous on the net as well as encrypt your traffic your internet provider cannot see what you are doing on the internet such as what sites you visit or what you download. But the provider can clearly see that you just logged into the network using a tor browser, do not forget that the source code of the tor browser is public, ie if they want very much your traffic will decrypt without any problems.

Also, darknet links has a negative popularity on the Internet. According to most people, darknet sells only illegal things such as drugs, guns and other banned items. But I will tell you that these things are now sold on the Internet and the usual way too if you search in search engines on illegal goods such as counterfeit money you will find a lot of sites that offer a service.

Let’s take a look at the darknet sites list where we will add the different search engines as well as the darknet directories. This will help new visitors to darknet orient in darknet and find only correct sites without viruses and all kinds of trash only good and working sites.

Find Tor – (http://findtorroveq5wdnipkaojfpqulxnkhblymc7aramjzajcvpptd4rjqd.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

Another great search engine on the darknet. Lots of good banners and services. Good base of sites tor and find a very easy site new but its traffic is well worse than others can also order advertising on the site. As the site offers to earn if you are blogging on the Internet. If you write an article about this site you will receive $ 50 in bitcoins is just a great offer.

Submarine Search – (http://no6m4wzdexe3auiupv2zwif7rm6qwxcyhslkcnzisxgeiw6pvjsgafad.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

Search engine Submarine here you can find the sites that you need, although the base site is not a lot of sites and a lot of garbage, but if a little effort can find what you’re looking for. Also on the site can find a variety of services.

Tordex Search – (http://tordexu73joywapk2txdr54jed4imqledpcvcuf75qsas2gwdgksvnyd.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

Almost the most popular search engine on the Darknet. It has a good design, great traffic, very good for advertising your business. But as a search engine, it also keeps up. You can also find here a variety of listings for directories and darknet marketplaces.

Onionland Search – (http://3bbad7fauom4d6sgppalyqddsqbf5u5p56b5k5uk2zxsy3d6ey2jobad.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022


Onion land is the most advertised search engine you can find anything you want very many sites in the system. Old sites like V2 are removed periodically this makes the site more functional and searches are greatly facilitated. One of the disadvantages I can mention the very high advertising prices.

Demon Search – (http://srcdemonm74icqjvejew6fprssuolyoc2usjdwflevbdpqoetw4x3ead.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

I think unappreciated search engine that has very good traffic and a lot of banner exchanges. As a search engine it is very good a lot of sites of different subjects. If you are looking for darknet links 2022 you can find them here no problem.

We have also added other darknet sites list, which can help you when searching various darknet sites. We’ve chosen them carefully to avoid unnecessary garbage in the darknet.

Darknet link directories

Darknet Home – (http://catalogpwwlccc5nyp3m3xng6pdx3rdcknul57x6raxwf4enpw3nymqd.onionLarge darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

As you can see there are categories on the site where you can find hundreds of sites to your liking. Many other directories as well as marketplaces that sell illegal content. The site is user-friendly and you can find everything quickly.

DarkWiki catalog trusted sellers – (http://zhi3q54n5a3foowz4oomyppfz735t2k3famqejsvht3o7dpxevplceid.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

This site is radically different from others because on this directory you can find only darknet sellers. You can find contacts and descriptions of verified sellers. All sellers who are registered on the site have deposits. The chance of being cheated is almost zero.

DuckDuckGo Wiki – (http://duckwm3krjkdpb7wbkgbra5bu7ilwr2wj5zjp6pym7clfprumwdluhid.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

 The largest directory of links to resources on the dark web. Here you will find links and links to links. It’s a shame that the resource is predominantly foreign resources. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad place to start to learn about the dark web.

Tor Links 2022 – (http://torlinkv7cft5zhegrokjrxj2st4hcimgidaxdmcmdpcrnwfxrr2zxqd.onion)

Large darknet sites list with descriptions and verified darknet links 2022

A lot of good links, they all work and are updated as you can see there is no old V2 links which are no longer supported by the tor browser. Interesting design and colors. All sites are working all sites that are not working are erased.

Now a little bit about the numbers, what happens on the darknet?

The world has 7.6 billion inhabitants, and there are more than 4.156 billion netizens, of which 3.2 billion are on social media, and use the more than 1.24 billion sites on the web. There they make their lives, literally trust the web and give all their information to the big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook among many, thinking that their data is safe. The part of the web where most people browse is called the Surface Web, which itself is the superficial part of the web that is indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing, but the Surface Web is like the tip of an Iceberg, we can only see 4% of it, the rest is submerged and not visible. This particular aspect prevails in the case of government websites, banks, airlines, company intranets, etc. So, when you are checking your bank account you are on the Deep Web.

On the Surface Web and the Deep Web it is easy to identify the origin of any IP address in the world, that is, where a PC is physically, when you connect to Facebook or Google among others, they know exactly where you are, where you were and even have prediction logarithms to know where you could be in the near future.

They save the history of your locations, what you buy, what you check on the web, your messages, your emails, your photos, etc., they can even know who you are biometrically because you have already given them your fingerprints, your irises (Iris Scan), your voice (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri) and your face with a millimeter detail for facial recognition (Face ID), and, as if that were not enough, they know what your approximate weight is and how you walk since your Smartphone detects with its accelerometer how your body moves.  This is another huge reason not to visit darknet links 2022. Of course, if you just decided to see what comes on the darknet and came to view it, no one will do anything to you, because Tor browser is a legal browser and is not banned. Well how not prohibited? There are some countries where tor network is forbidden completely but for this purpose tor browser has a tool called bridges which allow you to enter darknet even if tor network is blocked in your country.

And even though this seems like science fiction, it is very likely that your phone has all these sensors, and the funniest thing is that you gave them access to check you. But what if you don’t want anyone to know who you are, where you come from, and where you’re going? What if you’re a drug dealer, or a political dissident, or a CIA spy guarding a jihadist site or a reporter on the battlefield? then you will need some way to go unnoticed, incognito. This is where the Dark Web (also known as the Darknet) comes in, and the force that handles it is anonymity.