Most dark web links that sell anything in Dark web are fraudulent?

Learn about the dark web just to let you know how terrifying this abyss is, and better stay away from it!
Be sure to put away your curiosity and stay away from the dark web! In this world, where there is yin, there will be yang, and where there is justice, there will be evil, and the same is true for the Internet. We usually shop online, watch TV shows, and chat with people, thinking that this is the whole picture of the Internet. But in fact, this is just what the administrator wants us to see. It only accounts for 4% of the entire online world; and the remaining 96% is hidden in a place that ordinary people can’t see. This place is the “dark web” !

It is difficult for ordinary people to get involved in the dark web, but the dark web has been sending crises and crimes to our lives. On the evening of November 13, 2015, a shooting explosion occurred in Paris, France. After multiple searches by government departments, they found a lot of evidence that the terrorists who planned this incident quickly moved their propaganda machine, the Living Media Center, to the dark web in order to avoid government censorship.

The once largest drug market “Alpha Bay” is not only a drug trade, but also a secret channel for terrorists to recruit, organize and plan terrorist attacks. The Cambodian “blood slave” incident and the fraud in northern Myanmar, which have attracted national attention, also use darknet channels for human smuggling. Those who want to go abroad to make a lot of money have been tricked into foreign industrial parks that specialize in online scams.

Plus, 3 percent of those black deals are video footage or even services in color. More than 80% of the content is aimed at women and children. Usually, we are always very angry when we hear some crimes such as “child molestation” in news reports, and we can’t help but yell at these criminals, but such crimes on the dark web are even worse. If you hear the real case, you may not be angry, but think about how far the human nature hidden in the dark can be twisted, and the chill in your heart has quenched your anger.

How did the dark web come into being?

However, it may be difficult for you to imagine that such a dark web full of evil and crisis was originally established by the US official.

In the mid-1990s, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory discovered that the non-anonymous signal reception method on the Internet poses great risks in military communications, so they proposed and implemented a scientific research project called “Onion”. Sites or rather dark web links are different from the usual links they consist of chaotic letters and numbers and can be very long dark web links are very difficult to find, they can only be found by special darknet search engines and sites that are engaged in PR of such sites. And not only there are sites that just publish sites just for information only. Its original intention is to meet the needs of intelligence personnel to transmit data safely and secretly, prevent it from being monitored by the enemy, and ensure the security and privacy of information.

Example for .onion dark web link: http://clp5idybfw52l5obtd5m24bhzht34boiuwd345scksbnjhjvjv3vrmad.onion

In 2002, two computer scientists joined and developed “Onion Routing”, and it has spawned countless “Onion Browsers” in the next ten years. Needless to say, these browsers are naturally encrypted, so uploading and browsing various information on it will not find the real person’s information and address, and even the computer’s IP address information will be wiped within 3 seconds. go. And this has become the first key for people to open the dark web world.

The anonymous online communication method gradually makes the “residents” on the dark web realize that this is a “freedom” that is not governed by laws and morals, where they can unscrupulously release the most evil desires in their hearts. And it eventually developed into a transaction that allowed them to travel between the virtual and real worlds.

Here, real money cannot be traded, so the dark web creates virtual money. In 2009, a man calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin, and since then, illicit transactions have exploded like bacteria. According to statistics, about 2.5 million browsers log on the “dark web” every day, 99% of which are from North America and Europe.

Of course, some people use it for profit, for example, Ulbricht, the founder of the “Silk Road”. He is a top student in the United States. During his college years, Ulbricht devoted himself to the research of solar cells, and several papers were awarded after publication. At the same time, in his spare time, he also became more interested in the Internet and built the “Silk Road”. In just three years, the total amount of online transactions exceeded 1.2 billion US dollars, and Ulbricht received a 10% commission from each transaction, so that in 2013, when the FBI arrested his At the time, he still had 40,000 bitcoins and $100 million in his account.

The story of the dark web and the “Silk Road” seems to have come to an end here. If you think so, you may be overestimating morality and humanity.

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