The dark web is full of scammers!
List of Tor sites and Tor links that can rob you of your money! Beware!

We all know that in the network tor there is a lot of sites for trafficking of illegal substances, documents, weapons. And many of them are created for the purpose of deception, where users are shown the minimum cost! As an example, one of the sites of the tor network offers a Western Union transfer of $500 for $49! This is a real nonsense and scam! There are no such prices!!!SCAM LIST TOR






You just think about it yourself! How is it possible and why he himself would not make such a transfer for $ 49! The answer is obvious – it’s a scam! The real cost of such transfers in darknet is much higher! As a rule it is 50 or 60% of the cost of translation!  There are also real trading platforms on the darknet, where such services are really sold, their list is presented on the page of Verified Tor network links, based on the reviews of people who bought these services

Below you can see a list of skam sites in the network tor! Be careful not to get caught on their sites