How darknet is doing business and tor skam list of the most popular scam projects

In this post you will be able to know if it is safe to buy on the Deep Web and what exactly this hidden virtual area consists of but where we can find practically everything (legal or illegal).

What is Deep Web

After the online sites or web pages that are available on the internet when performing a simple online search using our favorite search engine, there are a large number of invisible websites much larger than you imagine. This entire digital world full of content hidden in plain sight by the most popular indexers such as Google or Bing, is known as the Deep Web. We really must be very careful if we intend even out of curiosity to buy online on the Deep Web, make payments, make any transactions or other type of activity. It is also necessary to access from an anonymous browser known as Tor.

How the Deep Web Works

You should already know from all the above in summary that the deep web (Deep Web in Spanish) is an area of the internet not indexed by conventional search engines. It is a place where there is a large number of criminal activities and where criminals work with total privacy or impunity almost always. The idea is simple and complex to the web because the current online world can be compared to the Ocean where on the surface of the sea are search engines collecting the websites linked to each other, static pages, etc. On the other hand we have the databases something else for the deep area of the sea. Searching through a database creates a single page that is not indexed by search engines and is not on the Surface Web.

Purchases on the Deep Web can be as you can imagine both legal and illegal because they are really very complicated to track currently when they are private or anonymous sites. That is why from here we do not recommend at all to make online payments, buy online or similar commercial operations. The Deep Web can not be very dangerous and is not at all a simple toy because the darkness that surrounds it is made in the perfect niche where the worst unthinkable things are found. Before you buy anything on the darknet as on our site and on other tor skam list you can find fraudulent sites tor network with which you should not mess with. They will not sell you anything and I can guarantee it.

Is shopping on the Deep Web safe?

And let’s go with the most important question that you are probably asking yourself right now. As we have said before, we can use the Deep Web to buy a product not available in other internet stores or whose online sale is not allowed in certain countries of the world. Through the online stores of the Deep Web you will be able to get things that are difficult to obtain in other conventional sites. Although it seems unbelievable, the Deep Web (we also include the Dark Web here) occupies approximately 95% of the entire internet and the remaining 5% would encompass the best-known conventional web. That said, not everything will be illegal things in this deep online space and hence knowing some data if you are interested in buying on the Deep Web sometime.

Logically we must distrust and more here of the sellers because if they are here it will be because they have a great reason to be hidden. Mandatorily the first step will be to download, install and finally activate a special browser to perform these online searches. First of all take a look at the following video where you can find very valuable information. Today the most famous browser to enter the Deep Web is the successful Tor. Making secure and anonymous purchases will be easy if you have the appropriate tools to maintain anonymity or privacy in Web Profunda.

As in other Internet sites, never choose the first available option because it may not be the best existing alternative. Find different Deep Weep page where the desired item or product is sold at the cheapest price and with the maximum security conditions. Another good tip will be to never install an additional software plugin or add-on in the Thor browser or other similar program. Also try to have a good antivirus activated and updated to the latest current version to detect threats, vulnerabilities or other problems. Finally, do not forget to apply the tips and other fundamental recommendations in ordinary online purchases.

Tor skam list for those who are new to the darknet markets

I bring to your attention mini tor skam list for beginners these lists can save you from losing your money. In this list we have selected for you several large scam projects that have been engaged in scam activity for more than one year.

Underground Market 


Tor Buy 


Royal Market 

Empire Market 

Deep Market 

Apple Store 

Deep Money Transfer 

Black Apple